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Taking a 360-degree photo
(Virtual walk)
This is a fairly new kind of shooting that allows you to create a sense of presence and look around in detail.
First of all, this service will interest real estate agencies. This unusual way of presenting information significantly increases customer engagement.
A virtual walk allows you to see everything around in detail, and it makes a static photo dynamic, like a video.
In addition to real estate agencies, the virtual walk will be interesting for owners of cafes, bars, restaurants, as well as any museums, exhibition centers, showrooms.
Only professional photographic equipment is used! No action cameras!
Interior photography

Real estate and interior photography is always in demand among realtors, designers, architects, and owners who need professional photos to advertise real estate.
The price of interior photography depends on the total number of photos and the requirements for them.
In order to completely cover the rooms and visually increase the space of the rooms, professional optics with a wide viewing angle are used, which allows you to shoot in almost any room.
For a photographer, it is important not only to show the uniqueness and all the advantages of a particular interior, but also to give the viewer a sense of presence.

Product photography
Product photography is a popular type of commercial photography. First of all, it is in demand by online stores for the presentation of their products. High-quality photos on the website of the online store are a high degree of attraction of potential buyers.
For the convenience of the client, filming can be done on the customer's territory. The client only needs to provide the shooting objects and allocate a place for work.
Subject shooting is not an easy job and economy always leads to a bad result. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice.
Business photography
(conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.)

Business photography plays an important role in documenting and promoting professional events such as conferences, workshops, seminars and more.
It not only preserves key points and important presentations, but also conveys the atmosphere of the event, allowing participants and interested parties to recall and gain useful information in the future.
Business photography is also a powerful tool for promotion and marketing, providing materials for creating attractive brochures, websites and social media, helping to attract new customers and strengthen business relationships.