Webdev, design, photography

Who am I and what do I do?

My name is Sergey and I am a fullstack  web developer and photograper.

Each site must be unique and meet the functional requirements for it! We often hear about this.
But in my opinion, the site should have a clear architecture that will be allowed it to be developed pretty quickly and improved over time in accordance with new requirements.

Clients often neglect this for a faster start. Indeed you can quickly make a site in any constructor, such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. But it will work only for simple sites like a business card or some web store with standard functionality. Usually, it comes down to searching for plugins for this constructor, which you still have to pay for. But then architecture will limit you in further development or some old plugin will loose support and break functionality.

My idea is to fully immerse myself in the client's tasks, understand his goals, and develop an appropriate solution for him, which will become his main business tool. I pay a lot of attention to the reverse side or to the backend (maybe even more than for the frontend).
This is like a haute cuisine where is a chef in charge who likes to use the perfect tool. And he is constantly experimenting. Today it is enough for him to print a page with an invoice, but tomorrow he needs to fill out a form, based on which the system will create a PDF invoice, which will be automatically sent by e-mail. And the day after tomorrow he will come and generally say that he wants analytics!

This is what I have been doing for more than 20 years. You can get advice and solutions for your web presence.
Good luck with your business!